every incarnation of cthulhu the mighty is
side project
that's why on this site you can find only
the chronicle of the acts
of cthulhu the mighty
(but it cannot be excluded that
the site will be developed somehow in future)
at the moment two incarnations of cthulhu the mighty
have their own facebook account:
nuclear cthulhu
also at
cthulhu's bandcamp account
you can listen to the music of the projects
as well as at cthulhu's soundcloud account
the logos of
cthulhu and cthulhu biomechanical and nuclear cthulhu by
polar maya
for interview and booking write to
abysslooker [at] rambler [dot] ru
colparabellum [at] yandex [dot] ru
back to
choose an incarnation
of cthulhu the mighty
and know that
any incarnation of cthulhu the mighty
can arise at any time:
that is not dead which can eternal lie
and with strange aeons even death may die